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Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2

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Free Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2 Full Version : selamat pagi sobat kali ini saya akan memberikan sebuah software untuk membuat bahan - bahan konstruksi bangunan, dan bahan - bahan lainnya dalam bentuk Desain 3D atau bisa mirip sungguhan sob. selain itu software ini juga memiliki banyak fitur - fitur yang bisa sobat gunakan dalam mendesain. karena software ini adalah versi yang terbaru 2015 sob. pastinya lebih canggih jika dibandingkan dengan versi yang sebelumnya. selain itu pada saat ini saya juga telah menambahkan 3DS Max Design 2015 EXT2nya sob, jadi pastinya akan menjadi lebih complete deh koleksi Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Terbaru sobat. dan membuat sobat menjadi lebih semangat dan siap bekerja di awal tahun 2015 ini.

Free Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2 Full Version

Description :

Extension 2 for Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2015 software adds brand new tools, templates and workflows to our already robust offering Architects, engineers and designers now have access to the tools needed to create the impressive visuals and animations that bring their creations to life. A new Design Workspace empowers them to use 3ds Max Design with confidence by providing task-based workflows that make the main features of the software more accessible. Users who work with Autodesk Revit software will benefit from better performance and fidelity when importing their models into 3ds Max Design, enabling them to focus on being creative rather than technical issues.

A new template system provides users with baseline settings so projects get started quickly and are rendered more successfully. Extension 2 also speeds up the skinning and animation process: Dual Quaternion Skinning enables artists to create better skinned characters with more realistic deformations in less time. The new Camera Sequencer offers artists and designers more directorial control over the presentation of their story.


Featured :

3D animation

  • Camera sequencer** New

    Tell great stories by creating high-quality animated visualizations, animatics, and cinematics more easily and with more camera control. You can cut between multiple cameras, trim, and reorder animated clips nondestructively—leaving the original data unchanged.
  • Dual Quaternion skinning** New

    Create better skinned characters with more realistic deformations. Avoid “bowtie” or “candy-wrapper” effects in which the mesh loses volume as deformers are twisted or pivoted, most common in characters’ shoulders or wrists. This new option in the Skin modifier enables you to paint the amount of influence skinning has on a surface; use it where you need it, and taper off to linear skinning where you don’t.
  • Populate enhancements New

    The enhanced Populate crowd animation feature offers increased artistic control, better realism, and improved usability. Give characters more convincing walking, jogging, passing, turning, and seated behaviors. Control more aspects of character generation to influence their outcome. Save textures for reuse and customization, and for network sharing and rendering. Customize Populate through an SDK (software development kit).

3D modeling and texturing

  • OpenSubdiv support* New

    Efficiently represent subdivision surfaces using OpenSubdiv libraries, open-sourced by Pixar and incorporating technology from Microsoft Research. Visualize your model interactively without the need to render for a better WYSIWYG experience, greater productivity, and more accurate realization of creative intent. Parallel CPU and GPU architectures offer faster in-viewport performance for meshes with high subdivision levels.
  • Enhanced ShaderFX* New

    Get more shading options and better shader interoperability between 3ds Max, Maya, and Maya LT. Create a wider range of procedural materials with new node patterns: wavelines, voronoi, simplex noise, and brick. Create normal maps from 2D grayscale images with a new bump utility node. Searchable node browser helps you quickly access shaders.
    *This feature is exclusively available as part of the 3ds Max 2015 Extension 1 release to customers on active Autodesk Maintenance or Desktop Subscription.
  • Point Cloud support New

    Import, visualize, snap to, and render massive point cloud data sets to create more precise models from real-world references. View point clouds in true color in the viewport, interactively adjust the extent of the cloud displayed, and create new geometry in context by snapping to point cloud vertices.
  • ShaderFX New

    Easily create advanced HLSL viewport shaders with the ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor. Connect different nodes using an intuitive click-drag workflow. Select from a powerful array of floating-point values, mathematical operations, texture maps, normal maps, and color nodes. Visualize the resulting materials, even those with animated values, in real time in the 3ds Max viewport. Drill down into the inner workings of each basic node in the advanced mode.
  • Placement tools New

    Easily position and orient content relative to other content in your scene with new Placement tools. Take advantage of intuitive auto-parenting and aligning behaviors. Move objects along the surface of other meshes as though magnetically attracted. Quickly rotate objects as part of the same option.
  • Quad chamfer New

    Create a chamfered or beveled edge between two surfaces consisting of quads, rather than triangles, to help eliminate pinching.

3D rendering

  • Improved ActiveShade rendering New

    A faster ActiveShade preview rendering workflow supports mental ray, NVIDIA iray, and scanline renderers. Watch the effects of changing lighting or materials interactively, to more easily refine your work. Get finer grain updates with more frequent captures of viewport navigation and switching, adjustments to light parameters, and certain other scene changes.
    iray and mental ray are registered trademarks of NVIDIA ARC GmbH, licensed for use by Autodesk, Inc.
  • Accelerated viewport performance New

    Increase interactivity with substantially faster navigation, selection, and viewport texture baking. See particular benefits with dense meshes and scenes with texture maps. Enable anti-aliasing with minimal impact on performance, so you can work quickly in a higher-fidelity environment.
  • Stereo Camera New

    With the new Stereo Camera feature set, you can create stereoscopic camera rigs to author more engaging entertainment content and design visualizations.
    Note: The Stereo Camera feature set is fulfilled through the Autodesk Exchange application store ( English language only.

UI, workflow & pipeline

  • Design Workspace** New

    Inspired by our years of experience with Revit and Inventor software, the Design Workspace makes the main features of 3ds Max more accessible, so you can work with more confidence. Importing design data to create high-quality stills and animation is now easier than ever, thanks to efficient, task-based workflows. Easily access object placement, lighting, rendering, modeling, and texturing tools.
  • Easier Revit and SketchUp imports** New

    A tighter Revit integration makes importing models into 3ds Max faster and easier. In addition to the existing Revit File Link workflow, a new Revit importer enables you to import data up to 10 times more quickly and with much cleaner geometry. Import files from SketchUp 2014 to take your design further in 3ds Max.
  • Template system** New

    New on-demand templates provide standardized startup configurations, which can accelerate your scene creation process. Share templates across teams and offices with easy import/export options. Create new templates or modify existing templates to tailor them to your workflows. Built-in settings for rendering, environments, lighting, and units offer more accurate project results.
  • Alembic support* New

    View massive data sets in the Nitrous Viewport, and transfer them more easily through your production pipeline with new Alembic support. Work with production-proven technology, co-developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc., and Lucasfilm Ltd. Move complex data through a pipeline in a manageable form: the technology distills complex animated and simulated data into a non-procedural, application-independent set of baked geometric results.
  • Enhanced scene management New

    Manage complex scenes more easily with enhancements to Scene Explorers. Organize data into nested layers to make it easier to work with large numbers of objects. Support for docking and Workspaces, together with customizable quad menus, enhance productivity.
  • Python scripting New

    Extend and customize 3ds Max with the popular and easy-to-learn Python scripting language, and differentiate your 3ds Max capabilities with Python-based extensions. Integrate 3ds Max more easily into a Python-based pipeline. Execute Python scripts from MAXScript and the 3ds Max command line. Access a subset of the 3ds Max SDK (software development kit) from Python scripts, including the ability to evaluate MAXScript code.

Screenshot :

Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Screeshots by
Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Screeshots by
Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Screeshots by

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Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2 - Single Link
Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2 - Part 1
Download Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Plus 3ds Max Design 2015 EXT2 - Part 2

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