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SpeedBurn Disc Maker v9.2.2 Portable

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SpeedBurn Disc Maker v9.2.2 Portable

Free Download SpeedBurn Disc Maker v9.2.2 Portable Terbaru 2015 : apakah sobat sering melakukan aktivitas burning file - file penting sobat ke sebuah CD atau DVD..?? jika memang benar, saya rasa sobat perlu mencoba software aplikasi yang akan admin berikan ini. software ini bernama SpeedBurn Disc Maker v9.2.2 Portable sob. jadi pada versi ini, sobat cukup menjalankan file .exe nya saja, maka software aplikasi ini akan berjalan dengan semestinya. dengan banyak fitur yang di miliki, memudahkan sobat dalam proses pembakaran file video, dokumen, musik, dll. ke dalam CD atau DVD Blank. tentunya dengan menggunakan software SpeedBurn Disc Maker v9.2.2 Portable ini proses burning sobat akan menjadi lebih cepat dan mudah banget sob. jadi software ini sangat banyak sekali deh manfaatnya. untuk itu segeralah download sekarang juga sob.

Description :

Preserve precious videos by burning them into DVD and share these priceless moments with friends and family with SpeedBurn Disc Maker. It is an easy and fast way to burn data or media CD/DVD and rip audio CD. With its powerful ISO tools, you are allowed to create, burn and rip ISO image files. It provides universal supports for all popular formats of videos and audios: AVI, MP4, FLV, SWF, WMV, WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc.

With its operation wizard, you can immediately burn audio/video to CD/DVD in multiple disc formats to play on any disc players. It also provides a disc eraser that enables you to erase rewriteable discs quickly and easily for recycling.

Here is an overview of the powerful disc making tools that are included in the SpeedBurn Disc Maker:
Burn Data Disc from Files or Folders
  • Burn data CD/DVD to backup your important data.
  • Backup your important data in PC to CDs or DVDs.
  • Burn home video and photos to discs to backup beautiful memories.
  • Transfer valuable business secrets to discs.
  • Save private stuff like personal bank account and password.

Burn Audio CD from Audio Files
  • Burn audio files into a CD to enjoy in your CD player.
  • Burn self-made songs to for your audition.
  • Ask friends to sing birthday songs for someone and burn it as a gift.
  • Create a customized music CD with your favorite songs.
  • Make CDs of music collection for different occasions, like party music.
  • Many popular audio files are supported like MP3, WAV, WMA & OGG.

Burn Video CD/DVD
  • Burn your video files to CD/DVD in just a few simple clicks.
  • Backup your downloaded movies without any quality loss.
  • Share your wedding video or funny things your kids did with friends.
  • Burn the MTVs you collected of an artist to make a unique "album".
  • Support AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, DAT & HD videos like M2TS, TP, TRP, etc..

Rip Sound Tracks from Audio CD
  • Rip audio files from music CDs with perfect audio quality as the original.
  • Save audio CD to music files to your HDD.
  • Enjoy music with media player software.
  • Backup your precious CD collections.
  • Enjoy albums on your trip without carrying a bag of discs.
  • Optional ripping quality for various usages.

ISO Tools
  • Provide powerful ISO tools to create, burn & rip ISO.
  • Create ISO image from your files and folders.
  • Burn your ISO image file to CD/DVD discs.
  • Rip ISO image from both data and media DVD disc.
  • Make exact disc copy for PC games and TV games.

Erase Used Discs
  • Erase the unwanted data on the CD or DVD.
  • Erase DVD-RW or CD-RW media to add new data.
  • Remove secret content of a CD permanently.
  • Erase rewritable discs to avoid producing plastic trash.
  • Provide two erasing modes: fast erase and full erase.

Easy Operation
  • Easy settings and convenient tools simplify complicated burning/ripping.
  • Review all the specified settings.
  • Wizard interface with detailed description guides you through.
  • Optional burning mode and speed.
  • Test mode for error checking to avoid bad burn.
  • Device info display to provide information of disc drives.
  • Savable log makes professional analysis easy.

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